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Beanie Quest
A colorful puzzle-arcade game with over 170 levels of fun. Great brain-game for home or school!

Single License: $5.00

Beanie Quest is a logic-oriented puzzle arcade game. Players simply move the character (Beanie) around the screen, pushing various objects and attempting to overcome obstacles to reach the exit on each level. There are over 125 levels based in various environments and locales, and each environment has its own unique obstacles and strategies. There are no "monsters" or "bad guys" and no shooting or violence. Game play is pure puzzle-solving at the player's own pace as they work to think through the best path on each level.

Beanie Quest was created by a teacher and designed to be a fun, thought-provoking and engaging puzzler for all ages. A great brain-game alternative to mindless arcade games. Perfect for home or school.

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